It was great to hang with all of you in the Facebook group last Sunday. There were so many good questions and they’ve all been compiled & categorized in case anyone missed the thread.

It feels so awesome knowing how stoked you guys are for Bass Canyon & Lost Lands. I’m more excited than ever and can’t wait for our best year of festivals yet!


Lost Lands
Bass Canyon
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Lost Lands

Elexus McCaig: Are any of the stage designs changing at lost lands this year? 🙂
X: This year is more of an evolution than a complete redo, I think you guys will be really stoked with the changes!

Jarred Smith: Can you tell me something no one knows about lostlands yet???
X: We have a cool experience lined up involving Android Jones content 😉

Simon James Lewis: Can we make the showers at LL 24hrs, even if it’s an extra cost?
X: I will ask about this for you guys, no promises but I’ll try!

Matt Darling: Have you thought about adding a 3rd stage similar to curated stages at other festivals where you can showcase different genres without upsetting people?
X: I assume you’re referring to Lost Lands? We have thought about it but with the layout of Legend Valley it would make things pretty tight. If we do go that route it would likely be something not as big as the two main stages. I could see it happening though in the future as diversity in Bass Music continues to expand.

Zach Eberhard: Any hints on what’s new for lost lands?
X: We have added a brand new Downtown Village Marketplace located centrally in the campgrounds that I’m really looking forward to everyone checking out 🙂

Cory Matthew: Any surprises for Wednesday arrivals?
X: There won’t be any big music/stages going on but with the addition of the new Downtown Village Marketplace and a few other fun activities planned I think after loading in and meeting your neighbours you guys will have fun and chill day 🙂

Angie Paola:
When do tickets for Lost Lands start getting mailed out? 😅
X: Mid August 🙂

Jessica Atchinson: What’s your favorite Lost Lands set?
X: My favorite moment is and probably forever will be playing Vault for the first time to open my 2017 set. This year I’m most looking forward to saying “welcome home lost lands!” on Thursday night.

Tom Heistand: Who is somebody you think will get bigger soon in the dubstep/riddim genre and why?
X: So many names blowing up right now, but pretty much every person I’ve featured on the X Spotlight is killing it!

Ronnie Giust: Can we get some more poutine food trucks for LL this year? 😂
X: If there is an option for one I will definitely approve it haha.

Garrett Watkins: Will there be another line up announced for sound camps at Lost Lands?
X: They are already announced, last year they were separate tho so I see the confusion.

Clay Mills: What part of Lost Lands are you most excited for this year? And why?
X: This year hopefully being able to sleep, because everything is running smoothly and the people are happy. LOL but for real, we have put a ton of effort and been focused the most on logistics so I really am looking forward to things just running smoothly 🙂

Mike Cicchinelli: Would you consider doing ride alongs at lost lands in the can am? 😂
X: Haha that’d be fun!

Brandon Walker: Will Svdden Death be doing a Voyd set at Lost Lands?
X: If he wants to, it’s his timeslot!

Kylie Brabbs: I’m so excited for my first lost lands!! I’ve been trying to go since it started. I love the new EP with Dion Timmer 🙌🏻 also pretty sure we saw your girlfriend at Electric Forest (word is you were there too with Dion and if you were I hope you had a great time) 💖 thanks for caring so much about your fans and continuing to be such an influence in the dubstep community 🙅🏼‍♀️
X: Thank you for the kind words! I hope you have an amazing time at your first Lost Lands! Only 2 months to go!!!

Sonya Tiare Ortiz: Is volunteering for lost lands gonna be a thing? I emailed a million times and nothing
X: Yes, it’ll be live very soon!

VeeJay Garcia: Is there going to secret guest at Lost Lands this year? When will the day by day come out?
X: Yes, about a month before I believe.

Morgan Flowers: hi love you is the camping situation fixed this year? very excited for this year but waited 8 hours on early admission day and camped on the hillZ
X: I really hope so, I have put so much time into it lol.

Scott Ulmer: You and nick better throw the fuck down at Lost Lands i missed you and his set at global cant wait to rage at lost land…🦖🦖🦖🙅‍♂️🙅‍♂️🙅‍♂️🙅‍♂️🙅‍♂️💯
X: Roger that

Alejandro Vader: Why is it so hard to find vegan food at lost lands
X: We’ll get better markings on the signs this year I agree it was a bit tough to know which vendors had Vegan food last year.

Bass Canyon

Ryan Wohlfeil: Any chance of a meet and greet at #BC2019
X: Not a formal one this year but I always make wander into the crowd and meet a bunch of cool peeps randomly 🙂

Kalen Sharp: What set are you most excited for at bass canyon
X: The spotlight b2b 🙂

Jimmy Miller: Bass Canyon App? Anything about it….
X: It’s all on schedule, will drop I believe a week or so before the event, not sure on exact timing right now.

Angie Burton: What are you most excited for during bass canyon this year?
X: I feel like we’ve really got things dialed this year so I’m looking forward to it being a less stressful experience and to really get to enjoy the moment 🙂 (and hopefully the same for LL for the first time too).

Alanni Wingert: Have you thought about giving bass canyon more of a theme/ bringing more to the fest like you do lost lands?
X: It seems like it’s slowly transitioning into some sort of galaxy-ish type theme. We are going to let it grow and evolve naturally over time instead of making a sudden drastic change all at once.

Tyler Cullen: Is the production going to be the same as last year for Bass Canyon? Or anything special up your sleeve! Stoked regardless
X: Bass Canyon is a bit limited by the existing stage structure, but within that box we have an evolution of last years stage that will work really well with everyone’s content 🙂


Ryan Wilson: How do you decide what remixes to put on your album? Do they make one and send it to you or do you ask them to remix a particular song? Can’t wait to see you destroy Bass Canyon again this year 🤘🏼🙅🏻‍♂️
X: I ask each of them to remix a song that I think they’d smash 🙂

Jeremy Rodriguez: Are you going to release the dubscribe 1 on 1 remix soon?
X: I’m thinking it should come out on the LL19 compilation 🙂

Jessica Atchinson: WILL YOU EVER COLLABORATE WITH BASSNECTAR again Jeff Excision Abel
X: Haha, we talk more often than you guys probably think. We’ve started a few collabs but didn’t release them as when we do release our next collab we want it to be Grade AAA maximum quality goodness. We also recently had a chat about how division within Bass Music/EDM is so silly. I don’t actually think it’s as bad as it used to be but it’s a thing in all genres really. Don’t waste your time hating on artists you don’t like, what is really the point? Do you want to hurt or bring down someone who is probably trying to bring positivity and good energy into the world? We all love Bass Music here and whatever your favorite flavor is we all share the same love! Take that time and spend it spreading your favorite music to other people!

Katarina Carleo: Hi! Love you so much and can you please play two drops for Drowning at EZoo ♥♥♥♥♥♥
X: I don’t usually play two drops of anything unless they are pretty different, there is so much amazing music out there that I already have a hard time choosing what to play!

Domitien Vissotsky: What about destroid ? and a solo album incoming ?
X: No plans for Destroid currently but never know what can happen in the future! Focusing on making a few collab EP’s with my friends before going back to making another massive album, but I do plan to get rolling on one this winter.

Dawson Sacobie: Any chance you’ll publicly release any stems for Apex remixes?
X: We could give out the Wake Up stems after the Producer Den remix contest is over if you like? 🙂

Jaxon Dial: Would you ever do a throwback set? Something that showcases what made X, X?
X: That one is tough because from my experience reading fans discussing this, everyone’s opinion of a “throwback” differs, some people like the 2008-2010 vibe, some the 2011-2012, or 2014ish sound. I think it’d be fun but don’t want to disappoint 2/3 of the people either. I also feel like the Detox set is kind of a throwback style set also and I try to mix in some of my older tracks here and there, if you have specific requests of songs to play in my Detox sets let me know!

Jacob Bednarz: When does your tracks with Wooli Drop????
X: It’s a whole EP! Almost done so hopefully soon!

Jarred Smith: Will you have brand new collabs with Illenium for your b2b?
X: We have one we are working on, with maximum vibes injected from our sadness of our first b2b set being cancelled. Hoping to drop it for the first time at LL!

Charles Floyd: Would you be willing to remix a heavy metal song and incorporate it at lost lands, like slayer, whitechapel etc
X: I made this in 2009 haha https://soundcloud.com/excision/excision-slayed

Cody Lepine: JEFF who was your most memorable collab with?
X: They are all special in their own way!

Jonathan Lee: How much bass music do you listen to a day? All day, or only when you’re producing or dj-ing or practicing?
X: Scouring the internet for dope tracks and listening through all the songs that people send me takes a ton of time, some days all day some days I give my ears a break.

Mark Terminal Lami: I know Wooli spoiled the collab ep between you too. Any info on when the release window for it will be?
X: Maybe September if we can get it out before LL.
Wooli: idk what ur talking about

Siren Lynn: What was your favorite concert you went to as a kid?
X: Slipknot! They were insane on stage it was awesome 🙂

Nate Volk: Is an excision x kompany collab in the works??
X: yes, just started >:)

Ara Thompson: Who were/are your musical and non musical inspirations in the 90s, early 2000s and now?
X: Mostly metal and west coast hip hop with random stuff like The Prodigy mixed in.

Analicia Salas: What’s your favorite music to listen to in the morning to get your day going?
X: Today it was some really loud Djent, haha I’m weird tho.

Claire Porter: As an artist, how did you start to get your music played and out there!
X: I didn’t really ever get my music played by anyone else until I was years into my career and had already toured the world. “heavy dubstep” was not a thing and no other dj’s played it for years so I was pretty much flying solo until about 2008/9 when a few more guys started to pop up and we all kinda grew the genre together.

Jeff Liner: Home production setup breakdown? (Knowing my luck, it’s probably been published many times and I’m a schmuck. 😂)
X: Barefoot mm27 + Computer. All you need is lots and lots of time!

Nathan Emilio McMyno: Who are your 3 biggest influences musically throughout your career?
X: Prodigy, Slipknot, 10-20 different dnb and dubstep guys

Walker Pafford: How does one earn a collab with you?
X: don’t worry about me, just do your thing bro

Kelsey Marie: What’s your fav song at the moment? Doesn’t have to be electronic
X: Really enjoying the new “The Last Ten Seconds of Life” album. Also the Stranger Things OST is awesome.

Alicia Camou: Who r your favorite artists? What is your go to song when your having a bad mood?
X: So much good music out there it’s hard to pick a fave. Always end up listening to metal or super heavy dubstep/dnb when I’m frustrated as it helps me vent it out.

Chris Kandi Hands Williams: What’s your favorite song you’d love to have heard played at a wedding? Getting married next year and was gonna play some bangers of yours!
X: Play Home 😉

Jess Lynn: When do the remixes drop on Amazon? I hope no one else asked that yet
X: No idea, we submitted it on schedule, so they should appear soon ish?

Oskar Tellez: when are you dropping Joyryde’s “Throwing Elbows” remix 👀
X: haven’t heard it, plz send?

Mark DeVries:
When starting off with music production, did you understand music theory or was it something you learned along the way?
X: I took a course and learned music theory there. It was way more advanced than what is needed for Bass Music though so I’ve forgotten 90% of it lol. You can learn more than you’ll ever need to know if you spend 12 hours on youtube and memorize the keys.

Kyle Cussac: Will you ever play Robo Kitty again in your sets………..
X: yeah, when do you wanna hear it?

Jon Landrum: What is your favorite tune from the apex remix album?
X: Current fave is the 12th Planet remix but i am a bit biased since all the other remixes were submitted more than a month before so it’s still new and fresh to me.

Abby St Peter: Did you and Illenium make a new song with your night off after the cancelled B2B?
X: Yep, its half done and sounding great so far!

Brandon Prive: when are you gonna release your slayer slayed remix from 2009, i feel even now that would be badass, as the way the bass movement has gone so full head into metal it would still be a sick release!!!!! PS been following strong since sunset room victoria bc when your were just a dino egg!!!
X: It’ll never get an official release so here you go 😉 https://www.sendspace.com/file/t2e7ks

Taylor Waggoner: Any advice for up and coming producers? Something you wish you knew when you started out?
X: That if you really want to tour seriously you need to be ok with being away from home 2/3 to 3/4 of the year, that it will strain every relationship you have and make it harder to stay in touch with your friends and family. That you need to learn how to take care of your body/health to the next level. That there will be years of being broke and barely scraping by before you finally start to get paid. That there are tons of music industry sharks who will promise you the world and take advantage of you or take a cut they don’t deserve, when really it all boils down to you working your ass off.
When it’s something you need to spend 10k hours just to get your skills where they need to be, it’s important to know the sacrifices you will have to make unless you get extremely lucky.

Drew Leblanc: Are you really bout to drop another illenium collab if so when.
X: gotta finish it first!

Evan Burg: How does your family feel about you making a living and name for yourself making pure filth? What is your mom’s favorite track?!
X: They weren’t fans at the start and told me to get a real job but they eventually warmed up to it once i was making a decent living. She likes the ones where there’s a singer haha

Jarron Ertz: Ive been listening to your music for 10 years bro. And I was wondering what is your personal favorite song you have ever made?
X: it’s been a while hasn’t it? haha I dunno it’s like picking a favorite child hard to pick one. I usually think my most recent one is my fave until I make another 🙂

Jesse Lee: Biggest inspiration in the scene for you and and why did you decide to be a dj.🦖🦖🦖
X: business wise- Pasquale. music- Noisia. I had a few extremely frustrating years as a teenager/young adult. I found metal really helped me vent my frustrations and feel power over my problems and help me move forward. When I discovered the world of dance music (it wasn’t called EDM back then) there was no “metal” in the edm world where you could let it all out. I felt that was something I could create and help people the same way metal helped me grow.

Health, Food, & Other Random Stuff

Jeremy Artifx Leach: What did you eat for breakfast though lol
X: eggs and homemade protein waffles (by the lovely Emma Livorno)

Cory Dodson: What’d you have for lunch?
X: We’re on dj time here, so it’s only breakfast so far

Jude Koch: What’s your favorite part about being able to design your own festivals? Lost lands is where I’ll be returning to this year but bass canyon as well
X: Honestly just crafting the entire experience as a whole, being the person ultimately responsible for whether thousands of people have a great time, or leave disappointed is both the most exciting and terrifying thing I’ve ever taken on. I’ve spent thousands of thousands of hours on every single aspect of these two fests, literally a non stop year round full time job all on its own outside of producing and touring. 99% of the time I love it, the 1% where a mistake I’ve made ruins someone’s experience or someone I trusted fails, it’s really tough, but in the end the vast majority of people are stoked and seeing someone say it was the best weekend of their life, or changed their life path, or helped get them out of a dark place makes it all worth it.

Malachai Taylor: Why won’t you look at me when we make love?
X: I don’t trust fire trolls.

Auzzy Bickford: Does shambhala get a special set this year?
X: Always!

Joey Hunter: How are you doing today?
X: I give it a B+, back hurts but I’m feelin good otherwise, thanks for asking 🙂

Cherokee Rayne Shepard: What’s your favourite dinosaur?
X: <- see profile pic

Elliott Nicole Hunt: I love u

Chris Gallegos: Favorite piece of X merch?
X: The sweatpants for sure.

Jeremy Chenoweth: Favorite venue you’ve played?
X: Legend Valley, Gorge, Red Rocks, (mars/moon also but haven’t played there, yet)

Kelsey Lauren: How do you balance the demands of touring, producing and running festivals with your mental health, physical health and relationships?
X: The keyword as you said is balance. It’s easy to let any one of those things take over if I’m not careful, or for one of them to get ignored. I do my best thinking when I’m in the shower and there’s no screens to pull my attention away, so that’s when I try to run through all the most important facets of my life and make sure I’m not missing anything etc. I put a lot of effort into keeping my body healthy through exercise, healthy food, and getting solid sleep whenever possible, things that I think most people in the music industry don’t put enough value on, and their lives are more difficult in the long run because of it.

Amber Osinski: will there be a tour soon
X: Early 2020 😉

Hector Vazquez: What’s your favorite movie?
X: Most recent fave is Interstellar, but also really enjoy most Lovecraftian type stuff.

Barrett McLain: Cocoa Puffs or Captain crunch?
X: Captain Crunch because I love how much it cuts my mouth up….

Jonathan Lee: Who’s your favorite bass dj at this very moment?
X: Downlink

Jeffery Li: Why do your tours never come to toronto 🙁
X: stay tuned 😉

Cory Matthew: Who has the coolest or your most favorite green room or DJ chill area at a festival?
X: Red Rocks green rooms are pretty epic, (the wall on one side is exposed rock.)

Garth Wells-warren: What part of Kelowna did you grow up in?
X: West Kelowna, you?

Allison Lewis: Will the Excision b2b Illenium set be rescheduled since global was cancelled?
X: I hope so, but it’s really tough as we both already have our own future shows with radius clauses etc.

Kaleb McGuire: When did you have your moment when you realized you made it?
X: Still waiting for that moment! Haha, honestly for me I think it’s good to keep a chip on your shoulder and feel like you always have something to prove. As soon as an artist sits back and lets ego sink in is the moment they start to fall off.

Caleb Brown: When are you coming to dallas next?
X: 2020

Ceej Spronz: What’s your existence like from your perspective?
X: That’s a tough one, it seems pretty normal and average to me though.

Carys Bueller: Will there be another Thunderdome this year?!
X: There will be another one yes, but it’ll be very early 2020 instead of this year.

Serge Schwartz: Pineapple on pizza?
X: Variety is one of the keys to happiness. I don’t mind it from time to time.

Matt Ambuhl: When will you play Electric Forest again?
X: Would love to! As with any event, tell the promoter who you want to see, when enough people are saying it, they will aim to make their customers happy.

Zachary Miske: Why dont you do Toronto shows ?
X: Something in the plans for 2020, not confirmed but hoping it pans out.

Cory Peluso: If you had to pick 1 person to b2b with that you haven’t already who would it be?
Killer choices for all the remixes 👌 The album and the remix album are str8 front to back perfect
X: skism.

Crystal Wise: I am so thankful for everything you do for your fans. You are a one of a kind artist and I can’t wait to attend bass canyon for the second time and lost lands for the third time this year. You are so supportive of the scene. You support flow artists by allowing our gloves poi staffs whips hoops and Levi wands into your festivals. Thank you for being you.
X: Thank you, very nice of you to say that. I’m just trying to be the best reflection I can be, and return all of the positivity that the Bass Music community gives to me. I also do not understand why other fests don’t allow flow artists. It’s part of our scene why try to hide it?

Andres Borda: What’s your favorite thing to eat for breakfast 🥞 🍳 ?
X: eggs, bacon, protein waffles yummm.

Tucker Catherman: What’s your favorite food!
X: changes all the time but right now I could really go for some tacos haha.

Jess Ica: I don’t have a question, I just wanted to say I love u 🦕💙

Christopher Bradley: Can you please add me on FB lol
X: I don’t think I’ve added anyone in years, I also don’t post on my personal page at all. Twitter is where I’m most active.

Billy Harris: How can I approach you at shamb! I always see you between downtown, back stage and some other cool places but you always seem pretty busy and I know what it’s like to be working (as I normally am) I
X: Just say what’s up and hang out like you would to any of your other friends. I think that goes for most artists, it’s great to receive compliments and it’s always appreciated but I’d rather talk to the real you and shoot the shit about your day/what’s going on and just chat in a relaxed way 🙂

Mason Propp: Do you like fish sticks?
X: in your mouth?

Nataly Parris: How did you know Emma was the one for you? 🌈
X: She’s a special girl with an amazing smile and energy 🙂

Jake Johnson: Do you know the muffin man?
X: No but I know someone who does

Jace Warrington: Coke or Pepsi?

Dillon Powers: The paradox stage… completely amazing and seems impossible to top. Where do you see your stage production heading …what kind of improvements? Thanks for taking the time to do this!!
X: Still working on what the next evolution will be, exploring all avenues currently, lots of cool possibilities but it’s always limited by the stage/venue so it’s challenging.

Rich Harris: Any chance of a UK tour / one off show? You could definitely fill out a big enough arena ;)))) plus we’d all love to see you
X: Tell your local promoters you want it!

Tyler King: Not really a question, just wana show mad love. Ive seen you countless times, looking forward to meeting you someday! Absolutely love going to your shows.

Nick Morse: Chunky or creamy peanut butter?
X: Peanut butter m&m’s

Donny Duncan: Goodluck answering all these. Just saying
X: I try lol

Ryan Wohlfeil: Did you expect this post to blow up so quick? The 😂
X: yep lol

Tyler Nelson: Dude you’ve helped me find a passion with this music. I just hope you see this sincere thank you 🙏
X: Glad i could help!

Sonia Sormani: Will you ever come to Italy?! 😭🇮🇹
X: Have been there a few times!

Janzen Glahn-Janatka: If you could tell people one piece of advice on how to live a happy and fulfilled lifestyle what would it be?
X: Don’t be scared to put a ton of time into something if you believe in it, set a lofty goal and go for it. Still try to maintain a balance of course but, if you are doing something you really love and truly believe in, just go all in. Practice, patience, perseverance. Don’t be afraid to make mistakes, learn from them and try not to repeat them. Having doubts is normal, don’t let it stop you from pushing through and achieving your goal.

Will Kriss: Do you play Mortal Kombat 11 (or any MK games) at all? If so, who do you Main?
X: Haven’t played it but in the old ones I used Reptile because… well .. haha

Nicolet Anne: Jeff what’s the meaning of life
X: There is no meaning, you have to create your own. My personal meaning is to be positive, enjoy it, and spread that positivity as far and wide as possible to make the world we share a better place for all of us.

Logan Viafore: Can I be lucky enough to get a response?🤞🏼
X: Yep.

Joana M: What’s you’re favorite color also favorite snack 🧐also I love you sm drove 28 hours to Ohio from Utah to go to lostlands by myself last year and I wanna say thank you for such a beautiful festival I seriously never felt such a home feeling before and never expected it to be at a festival especially Your own festival😭❤️ I love you thank you for never giving up on your dreams and inspiring myself and many others ❤️❤️🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️🙅🏻‍♀️
X: Fave color: you get one guess. haha, glad you had a great time, I’ve done long ass drives like that solo its rough! Respect! Hope to see you there again!

Belle Mac: You are the most requested act in Germany at Bootshaus Cologne (do you know about our amazing crowd 😍🎉?). When will we finally get to see you over here 🇩🇪?
#bootshaus #bootshausfamily
X: Would love to make it out on my next EU trip 🙂

Danielle Phelps: Do you remember seeing a Legalize Tree Stars totem the last two years of Lost Lands? Mark DeVries and I plan on bringing it this year again and would love to meet you!
X: I saw it!

Amanda Crysta: I hear you hang out around lost lands a lot. How come at shows you don’t hang out after with fans taking pictures etc? I’ve wanted to meet you forever and it’s so hard to find meet and greets with you 😞
X: I pretty much eat/sleep/gym/work/repeat. I run into a lot of fans all over the place and enjoy talking to people for a bit instead of a super rushed hi-thankyou-bye of a standard meet and greet.

Yvonne Johnson: Lol can you just say hi to me 🥺
X: hi

Jack Tetzlaff: No questions, just a thankyou!
X: You’re welcome!

James Hottel: No questions just a thanks for all you do 🙂
X: You’re welcome!