Featuring collaborations with Illenium, Dion Timmer, Space Laces, and Sullivan King.

Excision ’s fourth full-length studio album, APEX is upon us. After nearly two years of sneaking in time for studio sessions, collaborations, and fine-tuning songs in between one of the most aggressive tour schedules in dance music, X has resurfaced with a cohesive collection of 14 bass music anthems which come together to form an impressive and diverse mixture of emotions and experiences. Utilizing razor-sharp sound design, Excision’s newest LP will strike listeners right in the depths of their souls, reminiscent of the onslaught of bass and chaos that Excision is known for in his live performances. APEX not only represents the dedication of X’s constant innovation, it is a defining moment in a continuing era of bass music dominance that has spanned for over a decade.

Excision’s loyal fanbase of bass music maniacs are in for a treat with the new 14-song LP. The album features new spine-crushing originals such as “Exterminate”, “Tonight” and crowd-pleaser “Vault”. Collaborations with Dion Timmer, the 18-year-old phenom discovered by X and widely considered as his protege, are also featured prominently on the album, this time with the fan-favorite “Home”, the high-intensity banger “Hoods Up”, and vibey old school sounds of “Where Are You”. Excision slows it down for a beat with his vocal-heavy “Gold”, a collaboration with the melodic mastermind, Illenium, and features vocals from Shallows. Continuing X’s knack for breaking new talent, metalstep producer/lyricist Sullivan King makes two unforgettable appearances on the album with the heartfelt dubstep ballad “Wake Up” and chugging guitar riffs in “Fight Through The Pain”. Excision and Space Laces have also come together to introduce two brand new bass music anthems including “1 on 1” and the lead single off of Apex: “Rumble”.

With 10+ years of constant touring under his belt, two music festivals to call his own in Bass Canyon (August – Washington) and Lost Lands (September – Ohio), multiple chart-topping hits and millions of screaming fans around the world, Excision’s APEX is a testament to everything he has accomplished.

The epic soundscapes and raging bass sounds of APEX carry with them a larger message deep from the struggles and triumphs of Excision’s own life. “Whether or not you are happy on your current path is irrelevant, we all have our own mountains to climb, but through hard work and positivity, we can overcome them.”

– Excision.

Apex is available now. Stream/Support here!