Thank you all for hanging out with me on Friday! We’ve compiled all of the info from the Q+A session and also categorized them to make things easier.

Your excitement is contagious and doing this got me even more hyped for everything in the coming weeks!! Not to mention, as always, I learned a lot about your guys concerns and will do my best to address all of them and make sure both fests run as smooth as possible for all of you!


Lost Lands: lostlandsfestival.com

Bass Canyon: basscanyon.com

New Album “Apex” Presave: smarturl.it/ApexPreorder

More Tour Dates: excision.wpengine.com


Q: Will you bring the paradox stage to Lost Lands again this year!!?!?!
A: Yes! Except this time way bigger!

Q: Heard something about dinosaur rides, is this true?
A: yeah, we’ve got some ride-on triceratops added this year, they aren’t the fastest but they are still pretty fun!

Q: How many tickets are being sold for lost lands this year?
A: We have set an internal cap of 35k. The venue is capable of much more than that, but we don’t want to expand too much too fast. Small things like the way we had the vendors set up last year led to a bottleneck on the walkways between stages (which we have since fixed). The area for the 2nd main stage is WAY bigger than last year so don’t worry about being cramped for space at either stage.

Q: Will you be walking around lost lands?? I wanna meet you it just seems impossible though!
A: I’ll be there, possibly in disguise

Q: Jeff, will you be running around the festival in a Dino suit again this year?
A: Sounds like fun!

Q: How many dinosaurs can we expect at Lost Lands?
A: Proud to say we now have over 100 dinos!

Q: Is there a way to fast forward to LL? Lmao
A: Go to sleep early every night? that’s the best i can do lol

Q: Will there be any special guest this year during lost lands not pre party or sound camps but the actual festival ??
A: Maybe! 😉

Q: How many more years of Lost Lands are you planning on? My two friends and I want to go so bad but can’t afford to yet, so I wanted to make sure we would definitely get to was initially supposedg> 999 more years as long as long my body transfer goes as planned in 120 years.

Q: Real question… I hear rumors that Lost Lands was initially suppose to happen in OKC. Any truth behind that?
A: Nope

Q: Hey Jeff, do you know if I will still be able to purchase tickets in a few weeks? Moved last month so all my money is tied up but I’m dying to go to Lost Lands as I just moved to OHIO! Also I have 50 acres if you ever want to do another big event in Ohio. Saw you at SAMF front row in 2015 I believe and I can say I didn’t know who you were really, I was there to watch Afrojack play after you… you changed my life forever that day, never thought bass could take your breath away till that moment!!!
A: You’ll be good till about the end of the month, I can’t make any promises beyond that tho!

Q: What can we expect to be blown away by this year since last year was so incredible
A: The surprises that I won’t tell you yet 😉

Q: When will the Lost Lands app be updated?
A: September sometime 🙂

Q: Is the festival map on the site up to date?
A: Yes, there will be a new much more detailed one going up sometime in September

Q: Do you guys plan on changing stage designs every year for Lost Lands and Bass Canyon? One of my favorite things about festivals, and I plan on hitting Bass Canyon next year
A: I think you’ll be really stoked on the 2nd main stage this year:)


Q: Can people go into the pre parties if they aren’t camping
A: Yes as long as you have a festival wristband and Thursday night early entry + pre-party add on.

Q: Are we getting the Executioner again for the Thursday night pre party!?
A: This year the pre-party is at the Paradox stage inside the festival! The Executioner will live on at the Sound Camps Fri-Sun!

Q: During the pre party on Thursday at Lost Lands, will festival-specific rules be in effect? Secondly, will there be a line/security check for the pre party or just a simple walk-in type of situation?
A: It will be like any other day at the festival, except just one stage is open.

Q: Is Thursday pre-party gonna be surprise thing again this year or more info on time and sets will be released?
A: It is still an informal b2b2b2b2b2b with all my friends, whoever wants to show up can play and we all take turns just having fun and feeling the vibe!


Q: Are you going to have set times for the sound camps?
A:Yes, but not till sometime in September

Q: Will the sound camp sets interfere with the main sets? (Timewise)
A: They overlap for sure, how much they overlap is still tbd and the sound camps go later than the main fest.

Q: What time will sound camps end at Lost Lands?
A: We are not 100% on this yet. We still have some testing to do when we setup on site and see how loud it is in the neighboring towns. Once we have a rough idea we’ll fine tune the schedule. We want Lost Lands to be an event that goes for many years so we have to be respectful!

Q: Separate entrance/exit for soundcamps? For the safety of campers?
A: Yes, also multiple entrance/exits and fire lanes 🙂

Q: Can you do a surprise b2b with someone at the sound camp?
A: Yes, as long as I’m not “putting out fires” elsewhere I’ll be there!

Q: Good shit on giving Figure his own SoundCamp with Terrorvision!
A: Stay tuned for the Dion Timmer sound camp nights soon to be announced! The lineup is sick AF;)

Q: I’m concerned about the amount of space at the sound camps since all festival goers are allowed entry into them. Has this been accounted for?
A: The sound camps area is bigger than the area for the main stage, so that’s a pretty big space. Also it’s still a sound camp, so it’s not like it’s going to be a massive booming system that every person from the whole fest is gonna be there. We will keep track of the capacity and if necessary close the entrance until some people leave, for safety reasons of course. But I do not anticipate this happening, we will also have the Grove open playing chill music and will be a great hang out area after the main stages close.

Q: How the fuck did you manage to make something so damn epic. Also any B2B’s planned with the man Dion Timmer ?
A: Yeah that sounds like a fun idea for the sound camps one night for sure!

Q: How much bass will the sound camps have? Will there be wifi like last year?
A: Sound Camp bass- We are trying to ride the fine line between having enough that everyone can enjoy it in the back, yet still not piss off our neighbours with so many camps running all at once. We still have testing to do on site shortly before the fest. We won’t have wifi this year as it only really functioned well for a few hundred people at once. We were able to get the cell phone providers to bring towers in so this year everyone should have much better service.

Q: When is the second wave of artists released for the sound camps?
A: The second wave is all of the amazing Ohio locals who are starting to be booked now that phase 1 is live. I’m not sure about the announce date yet though.


Q: If we arrive multiple car/campsites at the same time and camp next to each others can we put our tent and cars on both campsites? our tent is 12×18 and we figured the best way to put it was to put the 18′ on both campsites and put the cars sideways so we would have more place between the cars and the tent…
A: Just please do not have any part of your camp over into the fire lanes!
Edit: After thinking about this a bit further, placing the cars sideways leads to your tires pointed directly at your neighbor’s tents. This is a safety hazard, as if you guys decide to leave before your neighbors get out of bed, you could run over the corner of their tent and seriously hurt someone. I’d think it’s best that all cars are parked lengthwise. In addition, I think everyone should double check with their neighbors that nobody is laying in the tent next door before backing their cars up! We don’t want any squished heads!!!

Q: Can I have my [pickup] truck on a normal campsite?
A: I’d bet you’ll be fine, 35’ x 10’ is a lot of space for any non-commercial truck. Refer to website for camp size dimensions

Q: Is it true that ppl will now be able to openly walk into GA camping or only ppl with passes and ppl that paid for the sites? Want to know if I should take more precautions to lock all my stuff in my car? And how is it going to work getting the non-pass ppl out at night?
A: There are a few points of confusion here though, the general public is not allowed in the campgrounds, everyone still has to have a festival wristband. We are changing how the entry to camping will work on the shuttle/parking/uber drop off side and things will be much more secure than last year. We’re also increasing security around the entire perimeter of the property and at every entrance so that no one without a festival wristband can get in.
With at least 90% of attendees camping, possibly more, you won’t notice much of a difference from last year. The local police were actually amazed at how few theft reports there were, and said it was the fewest of any festival they’ve ever worked, and for a festival the size of Lost Lands, this is a testament the entire headbanger community and is definitely something we can all be proud of!
Another point is that this festival is in Thornville, remote festivals tend to have far less issues than ones in a big city. Of course, it still makes sense to play it safe, nearly every campsite has a car and that’s the safest place for all your valuables.

Q: Will cars be able to leave early from GA camping?
A: In the daytime only. Leaving at night is how people sleeping in tents get run over, please do not move your vehicles in the dark! If you are at all nervous about moving your car in the day, go to the info booth or talk to a lost lands team member to assist you, have them guide you our very slowly.
At any time of day, before moving your vehicle, please make sure your neighbors do not have anyone sleeping in their tents first!!!!

Q: Hey man!! My friends and I are sharing a campsite but they arrive to the camping area after we do, are they able to get camping wristbands even tho we are already settled in?
A: Unless you are in the Dino Den which requires a special wristband, your friends can just meet you at your camp after passing through security. As long as you all have a festival wristband, you can go into the camping side of the festival this year.

Q: Will there there be non-car camping next to outa car camping?
A: It’s all one big campground, you may use the 35×10 space however you see fit!

Q: Lostlands question :For RVs can there be more than 6 people to an RV? If so what is the limit? Thank you for your time 👍🏽
A: As long as you aren’t doing anything unsafe (people sleeping under or on top of an RV) no one will be counting if you have extra friends, 6 is just a recommendation so that everyone can fit inside your space!


Q: Are Dino den showers $5 this year?
A: We didn’t say whether dino den would have free showers this year on purpose, we were not sure if we could get enough rented to be able to have them free. (lines are way bigger if free, people hate hours-long lines more than paying a few bucks.)

After the hurricanes last year we are playing it safe on that front. They could still pull a portion of our inventory like they did last year. Our ultimate goal is to provide an upgraded experience in Dino Den, so even if there ends up being a small fee, the money will all be going towards having more showers, with the added bonus of helping the lines be shorter for everyone.

Edit: I had an idea for how we could solve both issues here. We could split Dino Den showers into 2 groups, one being a paid line one being a free line. The line with a small fee should lead to shorter lines, for those of you most focused on the shortest wait time possible, then the other half of the showers free. During slow times it would be free for everyone but during the busiest times the people who don’t want to wait still get their wish. Thoughts? Tweet me 🙂

Q: What do we do if our whole campsite is flying in from different states and we’re not all going to arrive together??
A: You only need the vehicles to arrive together to have them placed beside each other. People can easily join up at any point as long as the person/people who purchased the camping spots arrives first you’ll be all good!


Q: Are they going to be cleaning out the porta stations more often?
A: Lol yes, we have doubled the porta station clean out team. Also, keep in mind that some areas fill up faster than others. We will be able to fine-tune how many portos are needed in each area over the years which will also help the issue.

Q: Will we be able to bring in SEALED BOTTLES OF WATER inside the Lost Lands venue at Legend Valley? Hydration is life.
A: Sealed bottles of water are a safety hazard and as part of our insurance deal we can’t allow them in (people throwing them at artists on stage). I would advise you bring in a camelback, as you can bring a lot more than 1 bottle worth of water that way. We drilled 9 new wells around the venue and campgrounds! I’m fairly certain there will be more water stations per person at LL 2018 than any major festival you’ve been to, as this is something we care deeply about and didn’t want to worry about ever again!

Q: Lost Lands: will there be any charging stations for phones?
A: Yes

Q: Last year the security was very loose between the festival groups and GA camping. Since everyone will have access to sound camps, will security be checking people’s wristbands more carefully when they enter the campgrounds?
A: This year, the road crossing between the festival grounds and GA camping will be completely inaccessible to anyone who is outside of the fest or camping. The entrance to the fest and to camping for people arriving from shuttles/parking/uber etc is in a totally different spot this year. We’ve worked with the local police and traffic team to develop an awesome plan that will work much better than last year!

Q: How many watts are on each stage?
A: I think we are actually well over 500k per stage but we just called it 1 million for a nice round number

Q: will there be more showers at LL this year?
A: Yes, approx 3x more than last year

Q: Did you repair the volcano after the fire last year?
A: Yes, and then they both got destroyed by a storm months later anyway! We are building new ones to be much stronger this year, and they will be able to be taken apart after the festival each year.

Q: How does the Ultimate VIP work with the meet & greet and BBQ with the artists? Can’t wait to meet you!!!
A: We’ll email you closer to the fest with a full breakdown! 🙂

Q: What time is the fest closing each night this year
A: You’ll see when the festival apps drop, we have some surprises in store!


Q: Will the merch be any different at lost lands/will there be any new items?
A: Yes! Many many new LL and Excision items


Q: Will there be giant f****** dinosaurs at bass canyon????
A: Nope, but it will have a bunch of other stuff! It will be like heading off to overnight camp with your friends, but instead of going sailing you get crushed with bass!

Q: Hey Jeff, any chance you could sell one more premier camping pass for Bass Canyon?
A: Unfortunately Live Nation runs the camping 100% at the Gorge and we really can’t change much, sorry!

Q: How will bass canyon VIP work, do we just show the email and trade tickets in for a bracelet? and what are the rules for bags for the show?
A: We will have a VIP check-in booth right in front of the box office. If you purchased GA and then upgraded to VIP, you will show ID and then trade in all of your GA tickets at once for your VIP wristband. If you purchased VIP outright, you will just need to show ID for your wristband. Important part here is don’t forget your government ID with a photo! 🙂

Bags rules copy-pasted from the Gorge site:

  • You can bring a small (10″ x 10″ max) bag or backpack – subject to search
  • You can bring in water containers (including camelbaks).
  • Hydration pack/camelbak bags do not have to fit the 10″ x 10″ bag rule, but cannot have more than two main compartments and one smaller compartment
  • All water containers must be empty upon entrance
  • All water containers are subject to search

Q: Why aren’t you playing on Saturday at Bass Canyon? I thought you were playing all 3 nights
A: I was originally planning to play all 3 nights but nghtmre was only avail on Sunday. I also wanted detox to be on Sunday as its more chill vibes and it fit the schedule better.

Q: What’s the cap for bass canyon capacity
A: 20,000

Q: Why didn’t you work with the nearby Seattle bass community to put any of our multitude of relevant locals on the bass canyon line up?
A: This is something we’d love to explore if we get to do a BC in 2019.
Edit: I’m looking into adding a small stage near the entrance to the festival grounds. Updates to come soon!

Q: Do you have any plans for an onsite harm reduction team to work the venue? Something similar to Insomniac’s Ground Control or USC’s Conscious Cree teams?
A: Yes

Q: What’s ADA going to be like at bass canyon? The hills and long walking distances is going to be horrible I’d imagine.
A: ADA is being serviced by Live Nation at the Gorge and we aren’t really allowed to change anything on that front.

Q: Other than the perfectly curated bass canyon lineup, will we be blessed with any soundcamps/campground parties??
A: Yeah we just got approval for a Thursday pre-party today!

Q: Is bass canyon going to be a yearly festival?
A: I hope so!


Q: We should do lost lands Canada edition … ehh
A: Would love to do a festival in Canada one day, it’s all about finding the perfect venue!

Q: Will you be back at Electric Forest next year???? Please, it’s my dream!
A: With Lost Lands being so close to EF this probably won’t happen, but you never know!

Q: Will there be the same camping form we had to fill out last year? For the camping bands?
A: No, I hated having to make you guys jump through hoops like that as it was a logistical mess and a big part of why campgrounds are open this year.

Q: What was the deciding factor for you as to why you stopped Shambhala this year? Was it a difficult decision to make?
A: Mainly due to Bass Canyon being so close both in dates and geographically. It was hard for sure, but I hope to be back next year if we can make it work!

Q: Is LL (and/or BC) gonna be livestreamed again this year? COUCHLANDS 2018?!
A: LL yes, BC we don’t have enough budget for that unfortunately, we are spending every cent we have available to make the venue even more awesome!

Q: I HAVE A QUESTION ABOUT THE DETOX SETS! Is the Detox set at Lost Lands going to be the same as the one at Bass Canyon?
A: No they will be different, although some songs cannot be denied and will be played at both shows 🙂

Q: Will I hear “That Girl”* live in the future? It would be pretty dope in a detox set. Definitely chasing that track.
A: Good idea!


Q: What’s the tracklist for the Apex?
A: Tracklist:

01 Excision – Exterminate
02 Excision & Space Laces – 1 on 1
03 Excision & Sullivan King – Wake Up
04 Excision – Tonight
05 Excision & Illenium – Gold (Stupid Love) ft Shallows
06 Excision – Fall
07 Excision & Dion Timmer – Home
08 Excision & Dion Timmer – Where Are You
09 Excision – Power
10 Excision – Vault
11 Excision – Die For You ft Akylla
12 Excision & Dion Timmer – Hoods Up ft. Messinian
13 Excision & Sullivan King – Fight Through The Pain
14 Excision & Space Laces – Rumble

Q: Why is the album called Apex?
A: When I first started out making music over a decade ago, I had huge dreams for achieving success. Today, I look around and I feel extremely blessed to be where I’m at. Having achieved many of the major goals for my own career, I now see more long-term goals in front of me, like how can I give others the best live music experience possible? How can I help lift up everyone around me, our community, our world? And so many more.

Apex is my reminder that no matter where you’re at in your life, whether you’re happy with your current path or not, there are always many more mountains to climb. And some of them have dinosaurs 🦖

Q: What’s your mindset behind this new album is it a mixture between new and old X
A: That’s a great way to describe it. Since it took 2 years to make there is definitely a variety of sounds. The newer stuff feels different to me but I like the combo of both together on one album as it gives a nice spread of all my sounds 🙂

Q: Will there be a vinyl release of apex like virus was? What about a cd?
A: Good idea, we’ll get on that right after Lost Lands on some special edition type shiz 🙂

Q: What influenced you for this album??
A: Every single thing I’ve seen, heard, and felt, for the past two years!

Q: Which song on the new album means the most to you?
A: They all have a special place. Wake Up is one Keaton and I spent a ton of time writing the lyrics for. I wanted to write a song about my battle with depression and the sacrifices I’ve made that I’ve never really talked about in public before. Lots of feels in that one that for me! Home with Dion is also really special to me and has a lot of emotion ♥

Q: What was your biggest inspiration for your album? was it a person, multiple people, flowers?
A: Definitely the flowers.

Q: Whats up with that last track in your Detox set at LL17? I need that absolute banger
A: That one is called Power, and will be on my album 🙂

Q: How come Switch is not on the album?
A: I played it out a bunch of times on tour and it didn’t really go like I wanted it to. It’s still only half done though. There are about 10 other tracks I have tested out that also didn’t make the cut. If enough people care I could finish it for a future release!

Q: So with the album announcement I am left with just one question and that is what song is this that you play in the video? looked for it since January.
A: This one is called creepy uncle and I didn’t have time to finish it for the album. Needs some work but if you guys like it enough I can finish it for a future release!

Q: Jeff why must you make me break my neck on every album you drop? Is that an enjoyable thing for you? Lol
A: Yup haha


Q: Is it your voice you use in your songs? Like in bass cannon and paradox…. obviously distorted but I’ve always wondered this!
A: Yup thats me! Also Tonight, Robo Kitty, Existence, both the upcoming LL and BC intros, and many others I’m forgetting.

Q: When is Your “In the Pit” Remix Coming out?
A: I’m not sure. You should all tweet Lil Jon and tell him you want it 😉

Q: Another collab with my lord and savior Space Laces?!? God is good all the time, and all the time god is good
A: The man is hard to get in the studio lol, he has flown out to Kelowna for 4-5 days the last few years so we can get a start on our annual collab. He’s a perfectionist though so it takes us ages to get things dialed in, and it’s almost always worth it as nearly all of our collabs turn into festival staples 🙂

Q: Are you going to release any of your detox sets, like the one you played at EDC?
A: The Lost Lands Detox set will be released every year!

Q: Who was the person behind the second drop of gold was it you or Illenium?
A: Haha I think it’s pretty obvious whose sounds were used in each part, but really we both worked on the entire song together and are both really happy with it 🙂

Q: How do you plan a b2b set? Do you have the songs planned out between each other or do you just kind of wing it up there and play what you think works?
A: Really depends on the other person, some dudes like to plan things out others like to wing it. I’ve been dj’ing long enough so I’m down for whatever really!

Q: If you could collab with Korn again would you?
A: Def!

Q: Ok this is a stretch but I know you were on Mau5trap for sometime. And you’ve opened for Deadmau5. My question is would you ever make a track with him?
A: Would love to!

Q: If you could collaborate with an artist from any genre and any time period, who would it be?
A: The Prodigy because they got me into electronic music. I know they are still around but to me they are legends and they are perfect. I kinda like it that way, that I don’t know them so they can forever be legends to me, if that makes sense?

Q: I’ve tried to get into producing and have had a hard time. I’ve moved from ableton to fruity loops as it seems easier but still have a hard time finding the information I need to learn to create certain sounds and design drum tracks, basslines, and more. How would you recommend proceeding once someone has picked a DAW?
Comment: Trial and error, been sitting at my computer for a month or so and have learned a lot just by messing with knobs
A: Exactly, if you don’t enjoy the trial and error, maybe take some pressure off yourself. It’s supposed to be fun!

Q: Hi Jeff will Destroid be doing a tour this year?
A: Unfortunately not, we are focusing our energies elsewhere for 2018.

Q: Will destroid ever make a comeback?
A: I hope so!


Q: What are you most excited about???
A: Waking up Monday morning after the festivals, and everyone saying it was the best weekend of their lives. All of you going home healthy and happy is my top priority and I will be a knotted ball of stress until they are over. I know that sounds weird because there are so many other things to look forward to but after doing our first festival last year it’s simply amazing just how many things can go wrong, even when you check and double check every possible thing you can think of, there’s always something else. So yeah, do me a favor and be safe out there, look out for your fellow headbangers, and most of all have fun!

Q: Who are your personal fav artists in the scene and in general?
A: See BC and LL fest lineups

Q: All of these questions coming at once😂Do you ever get stressed out or have anxiety with a lot of people? If not, how do you maintain a calm and collective self?
A: By pretending to be calm and collected, I convince myself that I am calm and collected. Thus I approach situations in a calm manner and get rewarded with a better result, that sounds weird but it actually works pretty well. Stress is a cyclical process that if you let it start building it only gets worse and worse so I try my best to break the cycle asap whenever I notice myself getting riled up.

Q: Obviously putting together your own festivals is challenging, but what is the most difficult obstacle/s you have encountered? What has been the most rewarding?
A: Honestly the toughest part is just the mountain of expectations. I always try to live by the mantra of under promise and over deliver. But with the way the marketing world works these days, if you don’t have big promises then you aren’t going to sell any tickets. So that leads the team and I to a mountain of work where we over deliver on already massive promises. It takes a toll for sure but if you want to deliver the best experience possible, and actually have people there to experience it, that’s what it takes, and that’s what my team and I try our best to do!

The other part that I covered in a previous comment is just worrying about the health and safety of everyone. For 4 days I’m responsible for 35k people’s lives. Yes I have a massive team of people helping me but at the end of the day if anything goes wrong, it’s my fault and I do not take that responsibility light at all. So I would massively appreciate it if all of you can be careful out there and look out for another!

Q: Where’s been your favourite place you’ve played outside North America?
A: My favorites change all the time but recently I’ve had a lot of really good food in many places in Asia and am super impressed with how nice it is over there.

Q: Who’s your favorite producer and then favorite dj?
A: Producer probably Noisia they are so damn talented. DJ probably Skism the man is not human. But really it changes all the time there is so much talent in bass music

Q: What is your opinion on the rising popularity of riddim dubstep?
A: Riddim is really just a modern version of what dubstep sounded like shortly before skrillex came in and changed things up. I think it’s great, you’ll notice nearly all genres swing back and forth between complex and simple styles over the years. Riddim is the return back to simplicity after the previous few years.

Q: HOW WAS THE ROMANIA EXPERIENCE? <3 A: Romania was awesome holy shit you guys rage so hard!!!

Q: Who’s your favorite metal band? Assuming you get down like that.
A: Growing up it was bands like Slipknot, Korn, Devildriver, these days I’m loving underground shit like The Last Ten Seconds of Life, so heavy!

Q: How long have you been with Emma!? She’s gorgeous by the way:)
A: Just over 2 years! And yes she definitely is 🙂

Q: How did you & Emma meet ❤️✖️
A: At a show of course! Haha

Q: What’s your favorite Jurassic Park/world movie
A: Has to be the OG number 1 that changed the game!

Q: Dear Jeff. I wanna thank you for creating an amazing community of ppl and the best festival to ever arise from the fossils. My question to you is if none of this was created and you didn’t make music what would you think you’d be doing?
A: Well I was a dishwasher and a gas station employee before my first dj gig so hopefully I would have upgraded by now! Haha

Q: Are you a fuckin waist bender??
A: Should I be proud or ashamed of this meme we’ve created, I don’t know?

Q: Baby steps?
A: Yes

Q: How much bass is too much bass?
A: What does “too much” mean?

Comment: Pretty sure AFK sent Dion’s remix of “on the floor” to him and X liked it and asked if he wanted to collab or something of that nature
A: ^ He knows

Q: Hey Jeff! I’m the guy who made you the custom figures of you and the dinosaur! Any updates on where they are now? Also, any vinyl plans for the new album?
A: He’s chillin on a speaker in my room! I gave the dino to Emma’s little brother cuz he wanted it really bad. hahaha. Thanks so much for the gift!

Q: Were you born a savage or does it just come naturally
A: The doctors say I cut my own umbilical cord with my teeth and screamed at them “I’m a fucking waist bender, bend your fucking waist bitch!”

Q: What’s your favorite thing to do outside of music?
A: Sleep… eating is cool too! I don’t really do much outside of work tbh, I love my job and am content plugging away all day 🙂

Q: How old were you when you started out DJing?
A: 19 or 20 I forget haha

Q: I see all these people in here with the X tattoo, me included, do you have an “X” or anything Destroid on you?
A: I don’t have any tattoos! I would want to change them all the time. Maybe one day when they have reconfigurable ink!


Q: How much longer are you going to use The Paradox stage on tour? Will you ever come to Rhode Island?
A: I have no idea tbh, the Paradox is so modular, working in anything from a theater to a large arena to a festival stage so it’s hard to beat. I guess I’m waiting for some new technology to come along that can’t be added to the existing template.

Q: Can we get a Canadian paradox stop PLEASE
A: I would love to and we always try on every tour but Canadian promoters seem to have a hard time getting a decent venue whenever we give them an available time period. You guys can help by letting Canadian promoters know that you want it!

Q: Any time frame on when you’re announcing the 2019 tour?
A: After Halloween, doing it at Lost Lands last year was too much chaos hahah

Q: Considering you have fan bases around the world, would you ever be open to performing in the UK like a London venue? Slowly more and more artists are heading to the UK and would love to have you here.
A: Would love to! tell your local promoters to make it happen!

Q: I know its not up to you to decide but would you like to play at Rampage in Belgium ? the Belgium people cant wait to see you again. plus the stage is dope
A: I would love to play Rampage and I’m sure you’ll see me play there one day!

Q: I know this is unrelated, but is there any chance you’d come to Burma/Myanmar? You have so many fans here dying to see you.
A: I’d love to one day!